Dear Parent,

Your child is in a very important phase of developmental years. The main objective of education is to make children understand the role of peace in everyday life in general and the school in particular. Taking the message of ‘the joy of value enshrined in peaceful living’ to all children through exclusive literature and presentation styles designed to penetrate their intellectual and creative faculties, Mediateck Educational Initiatives propose to bring out a magazine ‘Happy Go’, in association with The School of Ancient Wisdom, Bangalore.

‘Happy Go’ will be a monthly magazine in English, catering to two different groups - Juniors (Classes V to VII suggested ) and Seniors (Classes VIII to X suggested).

The magazine will primarily be a support system for imparting education on values and peace. Our vision is to groom effective personalities through the paths of peace and value education. The magazine has the support of highly qualified and experienced professionals in the panel of advisory as well as editorial which include distinguished teachers and professors from across the country.

Through ‘Happy Go’, we sincerely hope to cater to the need for creative reading abilities among school-going children, providing them with materials for improving their reading comprehension, while also enhancing their vocabulary.

The magazine will provide an intellectual stimulus through stories, anecdotes, essays, life anecdotes of successful personalities, interviews with celebrities, quotations, photographs, cartoons, poems, quizzes, small tests, etc.

We seek your support, patronage and valuable feedback in this endeavour. Together, let us strive to make our society peaceful for the future generations.

Thanking You,

Happily Yours,

Balakrishna. M.R.


Mediateck Educational Initiatives,

(A Division of Mediateck I’Solutions Pvt Ltd.)